Top 7 Digital Marketing Interview Question With Answer

Top 7 Digital Marketing Interview Question With Answer

Today team are publishing best and common interview question and answer. We collection this question and answer only for you, I know you already read lot’s of interview question and answer but you still confused with which question and answer are normally ask in interview. Tamilsun blog is now only job information provider blog but here you will also get lot’s of additional information about job with common and best interview question with answer.
In this article I added top 7 digital marketing Question for your interview, if you will remember this question and answer than defiantly you will get any digital marketing job very easily.

Before I am giving question list, you have to know Digital Marketing is Not just only SEO.

SEO is one Part of Digital Marketing.

I hope now your confusion is over, now I am giving you my Digital Marketing Question and Answer Job.

1 Question:- What Is A Digital Marketing?

Answer:- Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium by paid ads and SEO.

2 Question:- What is a ROI?

Answer:- ROI means Return our Investment, ROI is part of PPC. When you run paid ads on facebook, Google or any other social media or search engine, that time you have to analyses your ads camping and know about how much you spend in money and how much you got result, that is ROI.

3 Question:- How Do you stay current with latest Digital Marketing strategy trends?

Answer:- I am personally follow MOZ and Hubspot blog and also Digital Marketing influencers because this blog and influencers timely update latest strategy on their blog and social media account so I will easily get all strategy from their.

4 Question:- What Is the importance of SEO In Digital Marketing? What is full form of SEO?

Answer:- SEO is a set of digital strategy that increase online visibility by optimizing search engine results. Different aspects of SEO should be leveraged in digital marketing. For example, targeted keywords, local SEO tactics, link building and responsive websites are all part of SEO. It’s impossible to maximize a digital presence without a solid knowledge and understanding of Search Engine Optimization.

5 Question:- What is the difference between on page SEO optimization and off page SEO?
Answer:- On-page SEO optimization is the mechanisms through which structure and content is managed on a site to elevate a brand’s digital presence. Off-page SEO is a way of boosting search engine ranking by connecting the site with external links that point back to it.
6 Question:- What Is Keyword Streaming?

Answer:- Keyword streaming means analyzing the relevant keywords and choose the best keyword for the website based on its target and your industry, in order to get organic traffics and leads through the  that keywords.

7 Question:- What do you understand by Google AdWords Remarketing?

Answer:- Google AdWords Remarketing is referred as a targeted marketing strategy assisting the marketers to easily reach out to people who visited their site previously but didn’t go ahead with any purchase.
This kind of remarketing assists in targeting the right person or clad with right ads and save your money.

Note:- At this time I added only 7 question but as soon as possible I will add more digital marketing interview question with answer.
If you have any other doubt than feel free to ask your question in comment box, I will solve your all question by reply your comment.
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